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 Problem during installation Moodle 2.3.7-p2, magento problem to check php correct version, moodle problem with sodium php extension (1 Replies, Read 1439 times)
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I'opened already ticket about it with id 233506, without your update from days yet.
I'm verifying problem trying to install magento v2
through softaculous, autocheck  for magento instalation keep an absurd php version that isn't server one and client
choose one too.

The error is
"You can try installing the previous version of Magento by selecting from the "Choose Version" dropdown belowRequired PHP version greater than equal to 7.4.0 AND found version is : 7.3.32"

Client's using PHP 7.4 that is the same on server generally.

I checked your filter.php file and pre_install file and all is ok, because there're not problem with other scripts, except this one for magento and other one for Moodle.

Moodle's installation problem from softaculous is to don't check sodium php extension as present in php configuration, error message is

" Required PHP extension not found : sodium "

but sodium php extension is instead present with libsodium installed in server and php configuration...

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Problem during installation Moodle 2.3.7-p2
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I just checked your ticket and it seems our team was able to help you with the PHP version and sodium detection issue and it was resolved.

Our team will work with you regarding the other issue related to the pre_install hook you mentioned in the ticket.

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