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problem with domain and subdomain (no index page)
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Quote From : kyme32 October 27, 2013, 11:10 pm

it took me ~3h to install mysql on it, and i'm sure it's not from my internet connection, i have 95mbit/90mbit(down/up) connection.

under wmware works as oiled, if you know somehow guys some fix for this issue i will be glad to try it.

Sir the MySQL package weighs ~60MB and is downloaded only once as long as there is no update available.
I doubt you will face this issue again.


once again thank you for support guys, i guess i would buy this product, it's simply awesome, i love it

Thanks for the appreciation. Please do spread the word.
Thanks to @codesight as well :)

Quote From : kyme32 October 27, 2013, 11:10 pm

one small question about licenses, what license i would need to buy?
webuzo license include softaculous?(alots of scripts to install)
and differences between dedicated server and vps?on a dedicated server license you can hold more vps's?am i right?
for example i would buy webuzo for vps, that will be exactly the same as it's right now in trial license?
thank you

As long as your IP remains static, you can purchase the VPS Server License.
OR you can opt for the Virtual Appliance and Cloud License (for internal use only)
Webuzo comes with built-in Softaculous and hence you have the benefit of deploying over 310+ scripts by a click.
Once you purchase the license for Webuzo, it will be the same as in the Trial License.

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