Topic : Make it easy

Posted By: ops-uk on March 9, 2019, 9:26 am
On the face of it, AMPPS looks great. Easy to set up. In practice, much does not seem to work as it should.

I add an FTP account and this creates a directory. However, nothing appears in Manage FTP and the service never starts.

Virtual Hosts
I add multiple domains and point these to different directories:      /Applications/AMPPS/www  Primary            /Applications/AMPPS/www/ Addon            /Applications/AMPPS/www/ Addon            /Applications/AMPPS/www/ Addon

When I go to, or, the result is the root directory. I managed to get this to work properly on the server itself, by editing the http.conf file directly with *.80 instead of localhost at the start of each virtual host. Howerver, this only works for the server itself and not from the web or other machines on the same subnet.

I can see multiple versions of PHP running but only 5.631 is runnng. I can see no easy way of changing this to 7. The instructions I saw in a forum stated I should shutdown apache and MySQL and then select php7. Sounds easy, but how do you do these things? There is reboot for apache but I can’t see a gui way of stopping it. I can
Do this at the command line but there should be an easier way.

I can’t find any. I am searching forums but much of the information is very old and out of date.

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