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 editvs only with VPSID (0 Replies, Read 389 times)
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I would like to set the backup plan id for some VMs, but if i only specify the VPSID and the bpid, then these errors came up:
object(stdClass)#2 (4) {
  string(19) "Edit Virtual Server"
  object(stdClass)#4 (7) {
    string(27) "Please specify the Hostname"
    string(29) "Please specify the RAM memory"
    string(28) "Please specify the Bandwidth"
    string(34) "Please specify the Number of Cores"
    string(20) "No user was selected"
    string(45) "Please specify the disk space to be allocated"
    string(50) "You cannot modify the primary disk storage or uuid"

I think its not so good, because the vpsid is a unique key to identify the VM. I have to specify these datas to edit just the bpid?

Somebody can help me with this?

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