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 [Session Bug] Webuzo can't remember user session (6 Replies, Read 9338 times)
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I hope that I entered the correct forum ;-D 
Hello! I've been using Webuzo since I first rented the VPS somewhere in late 2017. During that time, one thing that always bugged me: Webuzo can't even remember sessions when I just entered my domain/IP with port 2002-2005. It just shows login screen.
What's more, when I just entered my login details, it seems fine. But when I accessed any menus inside the control panel, it just threw me to the login screen again. Heck, even when I tried to logout, it prompts me to login again, and then it can logout (so in practical, I have to login twice to correct this behavior).
In my opinion, the proper session handling should be like this...1. The user logs him/her in2. The control panel shows up, and the session stored somewhere within Webuzo system. This session stores the IP address, the browser agent, the username, and the unique session ID of the logged in user.
3. And when the user closes the CP without logging out, it should remember the login state and logs him/her back in (when the user enters just [e.g.] example.com:2003 to enter end user panel). Otherwise, after 10-15 minutes of inactivity, the user should be thrown to the login screen.

I think the behavior Webuzo stores session should be fixed soon, as I think it's rather annoying. And, no, this isn't about 'remember me' thingy.
Sorry for by bad English, but I hope you understand what I mean.
Thank you :)
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 easterneas   [Session Bug] Webuzo can't remember user session (6 Replies, Read 9338 times)
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