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 Pagelayer 1.1.9 Launched (0 Replies, Read 5102 times)
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The Pagelayer team has released version 1.1.9.
This version has many UI and UX improvements for the Pagelayer Editor.
The following is a list of changes :

1) [Feature] Added Website settings to set global font styles and colors.
2) [Improvement] We have improved the Link property and you can now search posts/pages links in your WordPress site. Those links will automatically be updated if the target URL changes.
3) [Improvement] The image dropzone has further been improved. It will not show drop options if the dragged object is not an image.
4) [Improvement] We have improved the export wizard. Now users can export posts by its type and also export the media.
5) [Task] Added "playsinline" attribute in the background video in rows and columns.
6) [Task] The Archive post widget has been improved and so has the all posts widgets.
7) [Task] Added target option in Social Share widget.
8) [Task] The post content widget will only show a dummy placeholder while using the post content widget in a Pagelayer Template. This makes it easy to
edit and understand the structure of the template.
9) [Task] Added dummy pagination for the Archive Posts widget while editing within a Pagelayer template.
10) [Task] The language strings which were hard-coded have been moved to the language pack.
11) [Task] The typography property has been further improved.
12) [Task] Added placeholder for featured image widget while editing a Pagelayer Template.
13) [Bug-Fix] Singular Templates were not showing Media / Attachments properly. This is fixed.
14) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, the Hide on Mobile / Tablet was not working properly. This is fixed.
15) [Bug-Fix] The pQuery class name was conflicting with other plugins. This is fixed.
16) [Bug-Fix] While editing a pagelayer template, the editable area was not shown in certain cases. This is fixed.
17) [Bug-Fix] The Archive Title widget was not rendered properly while editing a Pagelayer Template. This is fixed.
18) [Bug-Fix] The row max-width option was applied on its childrens row / inner row. This is fixed.
19) [Bug-Fix] In certain cases, the singular/archive templates were not being saved properly and were applied to all the singular/archive pages respectively. This is fixed.

We will be launching many more changes in the upcoming version.
We would also like to thank the WordPress community as we have reached 200000+ active Pagelayer users.

The Pagelayer Team
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