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Posted By: Riririna on March 2, 2021, 11:18 pm

I want to create multiple language website. Can you tell me how many pages is maximum that can be created in Sitepad? Is there any other solution how to implement such huge amount information in one site?

Posted By: MicroDrie on March 3, 2021, 12:14 pm | Post: 1
The answer is not easy to give. First, it depends on which subscription you have on Sitepad (with a maximum of web pages or unlimited). Besides the amount of text, saving both the page source and the HTML page itself also takes storage space. I think your amount of storage space with your hosting provider is the first limit you will run into.

SitePad is a is a static website builder so there are no standard facilities to dynamically translate the web text. That means that you roughly need twice the storage space when you support two languages.

Multiple languages also means that you can only set one (main) language for your web page. If you set English as the default language, you cannot set it for that other language. This means that you run the risk that some language functions that are used in your second language will still be based on the English language (such as language checker).

Nowadays Google translation is already very good and if you have sufficient Javascript knowledge you could have the text to be translated from the loaded web page translated by google. This ensures that you can use a lot of languages and need less storage space. But ...... yes that Java Script and HTML knowledge is it sufficiently available?

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