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 Error autodetecting network interface, Slave node did not properly automatically detect network interface device name (1 Replies, Read 4177 times)
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After I setup a Virtualizor slave server and connected it to a Virtualizor master server, the virtnetwork service would not start on the slave server.  After reviewing the network configuration for Virtualizor, it appears that the slave server inherited the name of the network interface from the master server, which was different than the name of the network interface on the slave server. After manually updating the network interface name on the slave server, virtnetwork started properly and the Virtualizor master server was able to communicate with the slave server.

Replicating this issue should only require adding a slave server to a master server and then checking the "Network Interface" option under the "Network Settings" area of the slave server's settings. The slave server and master server should have different names for their network interfaces.
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Error autodetecting network interface
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I doubt this would qualify as bug.

If you add a slave server, you need to configure it. The Interface name (which is something like "eth0" or "eth1" etc. can be the same as of the master. It purely depends of the slave servers config. Both can use eth0 or whatever interface is in use on the server.

At the time of adding the slave, the master would not know about which interface you would like to use, so it assum,es, it´s the same configuration as on master. If it differs, you need to change configuration as you have done.
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