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 Element not displaying in Sitepad due to custom CSS, Inner Column - Element style - Custom CSS (1 Replies, Read 1193 times)
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Here is the problem I created for myself;

I have done:
Inner Column > Element style > Desktop > Custom CSS > display:none
Inner Column > Element style > Tablet > Custom CSS > display:inline
Inner Column > Element style > Mobile > Custom CSS > display:inline
(the styling works perfectly as intended, but slight problem as follows)

The problem:
This Inner Column is no longer visible in the sitepad editor, so I can no longer edit any feature of this Inner Column. It was initially OK, but seems as though something has changed since my last attempt to style this Inner Column.

The fix:
Probably just delete the master Row or master Column and start again.

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Element not displaying in Sitepad due to custom CSS
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Since Editor is a place where you can see for your self that all changes are being applied properly. So if you add a CSS for Desktop mode for an element it will also apply inside the Editor.

In case if you want to Edit the Element again you can use inspect element provided by Chrome browser or developer mode in Mozilla which is the only way to Edit the Element again in Editor.

Do let us know if you need any other information.

Aakash Gupta
SitePad Developer

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