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 Error creating vps / starting vps (1 Replies, Read 1088 times)
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Hi everyone,

I got the error message "sh: 1: /sbin/service: not found" while installing. Now I can ot create virtual private servers. They are created but won't start.

Does anyone know how  to fix it?

Other services in this product does not seems affectet.

Full Log:

Welcome to Softaculous Virtualizor Installer

1) Installing Libraries and Dependencies
2) Installing PHP, MySQL and Web Server
3) Downloading and Installing Virtualizor
        - Configuring Virtualizor
        - Fetching License
        - Setting up the CRON Job
        - Importing Database
        - Getting List of OS templates
        - Generating the SSL Certificates
4) Installing the Virtualization Kernel - openvz
sh: 1: /sbin/service: not found

Installation Completed

Error log:
    Welcome,    root    [Logout]


Starting Task : 8
Syncing up with Slave
Creating VPS : 3
Bad parameter for --ipdel: --save
/usr/lib/vzctl/vzctl/scripts/vps-create: 53: test: Illegal number: 2.71776e+090
vps-create ERROR: Failed to get available disk space on /vz/private/102.tmp
Creation of container private area failed
    [0] => There was an error creating the container
    [derr] => Array
            [command] => /usr/sbin/vzctl create '102' --layout simfs
            [output] => Array
                    [0] => Warning: CT config file already exists, not applying a default config sample.
                    [1] => It might lead to incomplete CT configuration, you can use --applyconfig to fix.
                    [2] => Creating container private area (debian-8.0-x86_64)

            [return] => 48

    [err_create] => There was an error creating the container There was an error in creating the VPS. Click here to reinstall the Virtual Server
  Add Virtual Server
The following errors were found :
There was an error creating the container There was an error in creating the VPS. Click here to reinstall the Virtual Server
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Error creating vps / starting vps
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You can try following:
1. Check that server is booted into correct kernel by running following command:
uname -a

check kernel name has the string "stab" in it
If booted into wrong kernel, make correct changes in grub file to boot into correct kernel

2. Check vz service is running, by executing following command:
service vz status

If its stop, try to start it by running following command (CentOS 6.x)
service vz start

If you find everything is correct and still this issue persist, then create a ticket with Virtualizor support to troubleshoot further.

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