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For an example: I'm using a IPv6 only node trying to install VestaCP with googles DNS IPv6 Server setting, The curl and wget commands that are part of the install process for VestaCP fail as VestaCP is a IPv4 only network.

I suggest using the following IPv6 DNS server IP's:

DNS IPv6 1: 2001:67c:2b0::4
DNS IPv6 2: 2001:67c:2b0::6

Which are the DNS from "aaisp.com"


DNS IPv6 1: 2001:8b0:6464::1
DNS IPv6 2: 2001:8b0:6464::2

Which are the DNS from "trex.fi"

If you use these DNS instead of googles it will properly render "curl" and "wget" calls to IPv4 only networks from a VPS node that is only IPv6.

Which means I was able to install VestaCP from a IPv6 only network even tho they are a IPv4 only website.]]>
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