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 Using underscore in database name (1 Replies, Read 2013 times)
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Trying to install Rukovoditel on Ampps version 3.9 15 Jan 2019 build.  Softaculous, say it is powered By AMPPS 5.3.2
I am getting the error that 'Only alpha numeric characters are allowed for the Database name.' when trying to use an underscore.
I can use an underscore in the database name directly in phpMyAdmin and using Softaculous on a Cpanel based server environment.  Powered By Softaculous 5.7.2

Is there a way I can get my local Ampps Softaculous to allow underscores?
If not then is there a way to update my local Ampps Softaculous to a version that will allow underscores.
thanks in advance.
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Using underscore in database name
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At the moment underscore is not allowed in Softaculous even on cPanel servers with the latest version.

We will check this and try to make the changes to allow underscore in database name soon.

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