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 ISPConfig 3.1 Multiple PHP Versions - Softaculous Not Aware (1 Replies, Read 1597 times)
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So, I installed Softaculous into the system today, and it worked, (had to play around with the php.ini some, as i use mysqlnd, but it finally started to work).

The main issue is that we have several sites that have varying PHP versions. The main server has php 5.4 on it, as ispconfig 3.1 doesn't require anything more than that.

However, the one site where we want to install Magento into, has PHP 7.0 on it, which is confirmed with phpinfo() on the actual domain, and when looking inside of ISPConfig, it's set to 7. But, because softaculous runs on the actual server itself, it doesn't check to see if FPM is enabled for that particular domain to pull in the version that it's actually running on the domain.

Can anything be done other than upgrading the php version on the base server? As it is compatible with ISPConfig, i'd assume it'd be compatible with PHP FPM as well.
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ISPConfig 3.1 Multiple PHP Versions - Softaculous Not Aware
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The PHP version detection is done with the default PHP binary at the moment for ISPConfig.

We will make the changes to detect the PHP binary active for the user and check the PHP version accordingly.

For now you can use the pre_install filter to define the PHP version as explained here :

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