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 How to change http to https in Softculous installs? (1 Replies, Read 1567 times)
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I have a WordPress website using http but I have now installed SSL on the domain. It works fine for admin panel, but I get a redirect loop on front-end between http and https. I tried all the common troubleshooting options but nothing works.

I am thinking maybe it comes down to my Softculous installation through cPanel back in the day when I choose http as protocol. Is there any way to change the protocol in my Softculous installation? I believe this might be what's causing the redirect loop.
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How to change http to https in Softculous installs?
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No the protocol chosen in Softaculous will not affect your WordPress installation if you have updated the URL in WordPress admin panel it should work fine.

Please confirm that you have updated the URL with https:// in WordPress admin panel -> Settings -> General

The setting name that you need to update is :
WordPress Address (URL)
Site Address (URL)

Let us know if you still face the issue.

Also in order to update the URL with https in Softaculous records you can do it from the Edit Installation page. This will not update WordPress records, this will just update Softaculous records. Here is the guide for the same :

SitePad Website Builder
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