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 Couple of feature requests (4 Replies, Read 12435 times)
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I would like to request couple of additional features, which may or may not be crucial for the "New" generation of VPS hosting. You guys have made a lot of improvements and thank you for doing that :) .

- Proper documentation on how live migration works. Do's and don'ts and requirments.

- Ability to move VPS's disk to another VPS, without messing with the config file and DB manually. Super helpful when we are mounting shared storage devices or helping users with data recovery.

- Backup: Can this be set in a way that only primary disk is backed up and not additions disk/ceph storage etc. that are attached to the vps?

- Backup notification: Can a notification be setup in a way that admins are notified when VPS backup jobs, that are part of VPS backup plans, fails for any unknown reason?

- System wouldn't remove old backups automatically when a VPS is deleted.

- Working ebtables for IPv6, so that when we are assigning routed IPv6 blocks, end users can generate IPv6 within their vps and no need to add them manually within the control panel?

- Proper cpu usage reporting: Unfortunately, virt-top doesn't show proper CPU usage based on how many cpu cores are assigned but how much the VPS is using vs how much cpu usage the whole node has.

For example, if a single core VPS is using 100% assigned cpu 24/7 and the node has 32 cpus (3200%), on the admin side/backend, it will show ~3% usage. Which also throws off any api based backend monitoring.

- Faster OS sync: Currently OS and template sync speed is horrible. It takes forever to download and sync OS from the master. Doing side by side using SCP while pushing OS sync via panel, there's a solid 50-60% speed difference.

- Notifications sent to admins when "cronm" stops working. This way we don't need to keep on auditing nodes on a daily basis.

- Proper internal networking so we can offer private connection within a region or to our liking. Currently, private connectivity can only be setup within the same node. Kinda defeats the purpose :) .
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 ServedEZ   Couple of feature requests (4 Replies, Read 12435 times)
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