Topic : MariaDB 10.3 incompatible with Controlpanel Icons

Posted By: wolke on June 11, 2019, 2:40 pm
When using MariaDB 10.3 (or probably other versions of MariaDB), the controlpanel icons for "manage database" and "add database" give errormessage "This utility is not installed. Please install it first"
Also phpMyAdmin gives this errormessage although it is already installed.

The database itself is working well.

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Posted By: vmfreak on January 30, 2020, 10:28 am | Post: 1
Has no-one gotten back to you on this point? Seriously? Did you manage to find a fix for the issue? Because I have just found  that the issue lies far deeper than that. as soon as any update occur you will loose all the configured server settings as the my.cnf file gets erased. and like me you will have to install a copy of MYSQL so the database serves you current saved content. If you have found a fix for this I would appreciate some feedback. Because I have hardly received any helpful input for the vendor, their guys are not interested.

I you have a solution your help will be greatly appreciated, as I cannot do any replication until this is fixed.

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