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 Getting started with virtualizor, Need suggestions as i am new (0 Replies, Read 6280 times)
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I need your some valueble time and suggestions .Actually i want to run
on my Dedicated server and i want to use xenserver as a hypervisor on
that machine cause i have a ip pool on this server and want to create
multiple vms using virtualizor kindly
suggest me the the process to install on my system .

For testing purpose I
was trying to install virtualizor on virtual server which is already
hosted on xenserver i followed the installation steps from virtualizor site .
after installation i have found that machine is not getting up can you
help me out or suggest me the requirements to install virtualizor.

Is  Physical server is necessary for using demo ?

if i want to make 30 to 40 VPS on single machine what will be the
requirements of dedication machine.My requirement is to get a IP pool of
30 IPs on my main server.

need suggestions.
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