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 Apache2 - Error 403 (1 Replies, Read 4534 times)
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Hello folks,

after installing (and setting to default) Apache2 I was not able to visit any of my websites - always err 403.
I had to set Directory / to "Require all granted" in http.conf. I would consider this a security risks and not the way it is supposed to be configured.

Can you tell me, why this happens after an "upgrade" from apache? I know, the apache syntax changed in version 2.4 but i assume you tested an upgrade scenario and I also assume  it worked in your labs.
So there has to be any difference between your configs/vhosts and mine.

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Apache2 - Error 403
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Remove and install Apache2 from the Webuzo Enduser Panel and you are good to go.

Altering httpd.conf is not recommended, however you can make the changes using .htaccess in your landing directory.

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