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 Delete and Scrub site from Sitepad, Site is STICKY (1 Replies, Read 220 times)
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I thought this would be simple. Created a little test site in Sitepad (through Softaculous), then decided to go with Wordpress. Set Redirect to another URL / Site and guess what? That little Sitepad page is where it lands.

It's almost like it's somehow hijacking my redirect, SO … went back into Sitepad (through Softaculous) to delete the test page and I can't scrape it out, no matter what I do. Looks simple: go to Dashboard, check box to select domain, pull down menu and click "delete".

I realize this is ridiculous, any ideas? Thank you.
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Delete and Scrub site from Sitepad
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Delete all the files with .html extension in your public_html directory to remove SitePad published that were published.

Do let us know if you need any other information.

Aakash Gupta
SitePad Developer

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