Topic : Backuply 1.0.3 Launched

Posted By: vardana on September 20, 2022, 11:23 am

The Backuply team has released version 1.0.3 which includes the following changes

1. [Improvement] Added Backup Download progress.
2. [Task] The Backuply nag will now appear after 7 days instead of 1 day.
3. [Bug-Fix] The last backup time was shown from 1970 when no backup was created. This has been fixed.
4. [Bug-Fix] Backup on Google Drive was failing for some users. This has been fixed.
5. [Bug-Fix] On failure, in some cases the partial backup file was not cleaned. This has been fixed.
6. [Bug-Fix] At times, the backup nag was not getting dismissed. This has been fixed.

We are working around the clock to add more features. Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing them to

Backuply Team

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