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 How to add ssl/https to already existing wordpress install?, webuzo won't allow to add ssl to wordpress site (0 Replies, Read 724 times)
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Title says it all: How to add ssl/https to already existing wordpress install?

I installed wordpress using webuzo, for http initially because it was a temporary site.

Then I cloned from an active site to my temporary site (using a wordpress cloning tool), and the active site uses https.

So then I tried many ways around to activate https/port 443 for this site so it works right.

However, apache will not recognize the https port 443 for this site.

I even tried editing the wordpress install inside webuzo, but there is no option for turning on SSL after install (why not???)

I tried editing the webuzo virtual hosts file to add an SSL entry, but it broke things (apache wouldn't start).

I tried to add an SSL certificate with LetsEncrypt, but it won't even list the site in the drop down menu.

There is no option in the "manage domains" for specifying that I want this site with SSL.

How do I get webuzo to recognize this site as an SSL site?

Please don't tell me I have to start the install from scratch. There must be a config file or database entry somewhere in webuzo that I can modify to get it to recognize this as an SSL site.

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