Topic : issue with multiple ip within one VM, kvm vps

Posted By: hendranata on May 8, 2019, 7:58 am
helo i move to this section..

i have strange issue and just realized this case.

i have tried many times create new VPS KVM and assign for example 4 ip address.
when i use centos 7.1, result only main ip address are working.. the others 3 are not. but when i switch additional ip to main ip, yes they will work..

then i try to reinstall centos 7.6, and the result all 4 ip are working well.

so i have tired as well using ubuntu 16, 18.. and only 1 main ip are working.. the other ip some working and some are not..

all the template is belong to virtualizor browse template. no customization.

still dont have any idea why.. i have open ticket id : 773164 to virtualizor support as well and they pass to their developer..

it was working normal last month i guess.. we just realized this week.. maybe the issue already occur 2-3week ago..

Posted By: hendranata on May 9, 2019, 12:20 am | Post: 1
i am continue my investigation..

after waiting couple hours..
 the vm that only work with first ip address.. meanwhile other additional ip address are not working..
 after couple hours.. they seems working as well right now.. so all ip are working..
 but why i have to wait many hours later to make it work?? also if i reboot the VM, the second and 3rd ip will stop working and need to wait couple hours again..

 however, if u use centos 7.6.. all ip directly start working without no issue and no need to wait anything..

please need update from virtualizor developer..
appreciate for fast respond

Posted By: hendranata on May 12, 2019, 4:48 am | Post: 2
netcut issue i guess

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