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 Webuzo is so outdated, Versioning (0 Replies, Read 5045 times)
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Dear webuzo devs,

I'm still hooked on webuzo and cant do without it,
but as far as installations? its useless.

Since you can't keep up with new versions, that come out every week of libraries and binaries ... look at mongodb, node, java etc...

Why cant you allow the user to enter the URL of the new version package prior to installation? then run the default script you have already set for a previous version.

I understand the precautions, and user must must acknowledge the risk.
But this could be a very good added option.
And realistically 95% of all scripts will run just fine.

The only current option is to install using terminal... which installs on non intended paths and configs for webuzo.... so which one is better?
As of right now, i replace the url where the binary is being downloaded from on your script, then run installation. Haven't experienced an issue yet.
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