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 Softaculous 4.2.1 Stable launched (0 Replies, Read 11958 times)
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The Softaculous Team has released Softaculous 4.2.1
This version of Softaculous adds new features and fixes some bugs.
We are proud to have 300 scripts in our apps library.

A complete list of changes:

1) Added Auto Upgrade feature : Now users can choose to auto upgrade to the latest version of a script as soon as it is available. Admin can also control the list of scripts which can be auto upgraded. (Note : This feature is available for selected scripts at the moment.)

2) Added Password Strength check for Enduser while installing any scripts. Admin can limit the minimum required strength for password.

3) Now the TOP scripts for the enduser panel can be controlled from Softaculous Admin panel as per the Admin preference.

4) Implemented CageFS Hook for correct detection and changing PHP Version for each user on server with CageFS installed. Click here for more details.

5) Pre Downloading scripts : Admin can select which scripts should be pre-downloaded on the server and which ones should be downloaded when a user installs a script. This will help to save server's space and bandwidth.

6) Admin can now display his Custom Scripts in TOP 15 list in the Softaculous Enduser panel.

7) Improved the API to check the minimum requirements of a script.

8) API improved for scripts version checking.

9) Added check to disallow special characters in directory name while installing any script.

10) On ISPManager control panel, if AutoSubdomain is enabled for users than Softaculous will read the users directories and will list the directories ending with domain name as subdomain in domain list.

11) In case of scripts with multiple branches, all available versions will be displayed on the script overview page.

12) Improved the Softaculous SDK included in the package.

13) Previously, when a license was upgraded from Free to Premium all scripts were not enabled by default and the Admin had to choose the scripts manually. We have now changed this behavior and all scripts will be enabled when a license is upgraded from Free to Premium.

14) When editing an installation in Softaculous, the script version of the installation will be detected and also prompted to the user IF it does not match with the Softaculous records. The user will get an option to update the version in our records.

15) Now you can check the license information from the command line. Here is the guide.

16) Softaculous will load the custom theme instead of default, if a theme folder is present in Softaculous which has the same name as user's cpanel theme.

17) Bug Fix : On few servers the PHP version was not detected properly when output_handler was turned On and due to that users were not able to install the scripts. It is now fixed.

18) Bug Fix : On few PLESK servers with E_STRICT checking Softaculous footer was not loaded. It is now fixed.

19) Bug Fix : Softaculous search was not working on InterWorx Control panel. It is now fixed.

20) Bug Fix : While importing installations which have customized admin folder name (e.g. WHMCS), Softaculous was unable to determine the customized folder name. It is now fixed.

21) Bug Fix : Cron command language string was not displayed on edit installation page. It is now fixed.

22) Bug Fix : While installing custom scripts "undefined" was displayed on Task List page. It is now fixed.

23) Bug Fix : While listing all installations from API in XML format it was giving invalid XML output. It is now fixed.

24) Bug Fix : Emails for update notification were not being sent on InterWorx Control panel when script updates are available. It is now fixed.

We have added these features as per users suggestions we hope you enjoy them. We will be adding many more features and new scripts regularly.

The Softaculous Team

Edited by Brijesh : April 18, 2013, 1:04 pm

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