Softaculous <![CDATA[license trail for virtualizor don't work]]> Tue, 18 Dec 2018 10:14:15 GMT <![CDATA[error whmcs]]>
Can you confirm that the name for field "Script" is correct ? It should be "Script"

If you can open a support ticket with us we can check this :]]>
Tue, 18 Dec 2018 09:14:48 GMT
<![CDATA[Site preview without DNS propagation]]> I can not

use windows as a home PC
I have a vps with his IP
I installed webuzo with main domain already propagated with DNS

I would like to prepare another domain on the VPS
I would like to test it before changing its DNS

what address do I enter in the navigation bar? DOES NOT WORK

what to do ?
thanks, I wait]]>
Tue, 18 Dec 2018 08:12:21 GMT
<![CDATA[NextCloud 15 Upgrade]]> May I know from which version upgrade you are getting this issue ?
Please mention where this error message is shown ?
We checked upgrade from Nextcloud 14.0.4 to 15.0.0 and it does not throw this error.
Tue, 18 Dec 2018 06:56:21 GMT
<![CDATA[Maintenance and Upgrade Virtualizor]]> Tue, 18 Dec 2018 05:50:41 GMT <![CDATA[error whmcs]]>
in whmcs script not installed :

Softaculous : Script name was not posted ]]>
Tue, 18 Dec 2018 05:35:25 GMT
<![CDATA[Ampps on Win 10 - Apache stops after seconds]]>
After installing Ampps, everything starts fine. After seconds, Apache quits (and PHP). The error points to "Py_Initialize: unable to load the file system codec", raised at line 123 //

I have experimented by making sure I had Python installed, and even finding an older installer that matched the version bundled with Ampps. I also test some manual PATH settings, including PYTHONHOME. But the error persists.

My thought is that running issues are not uncommon in Windows but I don't find it specifically addressed here.]]>
Mon, 17 Dec 2018 14:43:59 GMT
<![CDATA[Site preview without DNS propagation]]>
It depends on which OS you are using:

If you are using Windows then you need to add the DNS entry in \%SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts configuration file as follows:

On Apple Macintosh computers, the hosts file is located at /private/etc/hosts.

On Linux computers, the hosts file is located at /etc/hosts.

Note: Replace the IP given above with your server IP and with your domain name.

Let us know if you have any further queries.]]>
Mon, 17 Dec 2018 13:37:19 GMT
<![CDATA[Webuzo 2.7.3 Launched]]>
The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.7.3.
This version introduces major bug fixes.

Bug Fixes:

1) ‘Acme script not found’ while issuing let’s encrypt certificate:- This bug has been fixed.

2) Bug related to cpanel migration has been fixed.

3) Bug related to configuration of SSL for Email has been fixed.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting Improvements, features and changes.

The Webuzo Team]]>
Mon, 17 Dec 2018 13:34:19 GMT
<![CDATA[Change License to Another VPS]]>
Please open a support ticket with us:]]>
Mon, 17 Dec 2018 13:26:31 GMT