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 Push to Live exclude tables (1 Replies, Read 5193 times)
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Push to live is great, but it doesn't differentiate between tables that contain config info and those that contain event info. For example, using the pretty links plugin, I want the config tables to be pushed (e.g. xx_prli_links, xx_prli_link_metas) but I don't want to have the clicks table pushed (xx_prli_clicks) else I'd lose my click history.

I know I can uncheck certain tables, but is there any thought to offering a permanent "don;t push this table" list? That way, I won't have to scan the list and uncheck the same tables every time (with the risk that I'll miss some).

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Push to Live exclude tables
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Thank you for the suggestion.

We will try to add the option to save the preference so that you can use it later. However at the moment we do not have an ETA for the same.

Until then you will need to choose the tables manually.

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