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 Installer/importer flexibilty, whmcs in particular (1 Replies, Read 4514 times)
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I have on a couple of sites which have  whmcs, softaculous cannot import one of them because it has a 301 redirect to www.thedomain.com which is a common seo practice, and so in the domain dropdown list, all subdomains are available except www, can this be fixed in a future update.

Another problem I found when I was able to import whmcs on another site, where it was actually installed on a subdomain, was that I was provided with the default admin link to clients.thedomain.com/admin , but I have followed one of the whmcs security suggestions, to change the admin folder to another less obvious name.  Currently when importing the script there is no option to specify the current alternative admin folder name, can this be rectified in future updates please.
I would suggest that these flexibility enhancements would be of benefit for all script installs.
Best regards, Reg Cooper.
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Installer/importer flexibilty
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Sir our Support team has replied to your ticket.

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