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 Navigation on website (1 Replies, Read 681 times)
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Is it possible to create such navigation like in this example www.paat.ee/en/ ?
for example there is only one page and every action you do like click contact us, menu , about happens always on the same page.
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Navigation on website
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Yes, that's possible. When you want to go to a certain place in a web page, you have to place an anchor widget. For example, you choose idMyAnchor as a unique ID.

In the menu you enter as link: #idMyAnchor.

Note that an Anchor ID is unique per web page.Here you will find more information about the use of anchors: https://www.w3docs.com/snippets/html/how-to-create-an-anchor-link-to-jump-to-a-specific-part-of-a-page.html
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