Softaculous <![CDATA[What does the future hold for football betting?[/b]]]> This post is purely me thinking out loud about what the future might hold for best free soccer tips. I want to cover three main thoughts I have had. I would really love to know what you think so please leave a comment below.
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Will Mobile Take Over?[/b]
Tech people have been saying for years that mobile is going to take over, I think for football betting this will almost certainly be the case.
Lets look at The Footy Tipsters relative stats between Mobile + Tablet Vs Desktop + Tablet* over the last few years, you might need to click on the picture lớn see it in all its glory. What this shows is that 2 years ago there was a big gap between the amount of people coming in on desktop (which was winning) compared to now where mobile is creeping forward.
* I couldn’t find a purely Desktop/Laptop breakdown in Google Analytics I could use.
I don’t think the gap is anywhere near large enough yet for me to say that mobile has “taken over” but I can see that a trend is already starting that mobile is coming out on top.
The proliferation of mobile apps aimed at football bettors is further proof that the industry is taking mobile seriously. I even wrote about how lớn place a bet with the Bet365 betting app. You can prefer to the soccer predictions pages!
Recently Google announced it project Loon. This project has the aim of delivering the internet to everyone via internet enabled hot air balloons! Sounds crazy but what this will mean is people in countries who never had access to football betting will soon have this access via, not their computer but their much more affordable and useful mobile device. Here is an article from the Guardian last year explaining how internet use on mobile phones in Africa is predicted lớn increase 20-fold.
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So yes, in short I think Mobile will take over.
Will offline bookies still exist?[/b]
Will offline bookies exist in the future? Honestly I don’t think so. It costs a lot of money to keep the lights (and TVs) on in physical locations and their staff could easily be trained up on how to support people making bets online.
More and more people are placing bets online from inside the pub instead of nipping out lớn place one in person. From my albeit anecdotal evidence, the average age of the people inside these betting shops seems lớn only be increasing, there is very little “young blood” going into them.
I will save my thoughts on if this is a good thing or not for another day. Suffice lớn say I think that if they don’t die out, they will certainly shrink in number. If you agree you might want lớn read my post on picking the right online bookmakers.
Will better odds calculation lead lớn less money lớn be had?[/b]
This is one I am not 100% sure about but I want lớn throw it out there. Will prediction software used by betting websites start getting better at predicting results to the point that there will be less money lớn be had by “value bets”.
Right now there are some matches that with a bit of knowledge and careful betting it is possible lớn beat the bookies, this must be something the betting companies are working on cutting down of. It is costing them money after all!
I think if this is the case then the real value will shift to in play betting (which we offer as part of our personal betting service), where snap decisions are going lớn be harder for their algorithms lớn get right but were tipsters with years of experience might be able lớn guide you in the right direction.

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For what’s worth, I went through and and manually replaced files from the most recent AMPPS download. I did it one file at a time. Each time I did a refresh, it would give me a message that “this” file was corrupt. Updated about 15 files. Everything is working now, but not sure for how long or if I do a reboot. Made sure to create/archive backup copies of all my local sites.

have you replaced all filles in ampps or only softaculous directory?


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<![CDATA[Recent Issues with the Site[/b]]]> Hey folks,
I am sure over the last few days you have noticed some strange things happening with the site – we are really sorry it happened. There was an issue with the company that hosts this website. We worked with them all weekend and are happy that it should now be resolved- According to the website free soccer tips pages!
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The Issues[/b]
There were two issues you may have spotted. One was a big warning saying the site wasn’t safe. We can assure you it was and is completely safe. The warning was because our server was giving out of date information to your internet browser.
The second issue was that some people would see out of date information coming from the site, like super out of date information (from about January). This was all part of the same problem and shouldn’t happen anymore.
The Fallout[/b]
As a result a lot of people didn’t have complete access over the weekend, if you are a member who was effected by this please email and I will be happy to add some days onto your tài khoản.
Some people also signed up and the system didn’t register them correctly because it was using the soccer tip for today. If I haven’t personally emailed you yet about this please email me on the address linked above and I will make sure your membership is added.
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I’m still having issues![/b]
If you are still having issues, please clear your cache (you can do this in your browser settings). If this doesn’t work please email Toby on the link above with screenshots of the issue and he will try his best lớn help.
Thanks for your patience[/b]
Thank you so much for bearing with us whilst we went through these issues. We have been assured by the host that this shouldn’t happen again.
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