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 [HELP ASAP] Migrated master and created offline localhost clone on new master, Migrated using guide and it kinda failed and now unable to access new master settings or vps (1 Replies, Read 8748 times)
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So I migrated master using this guide: https://www.virtualizor.com/docs/install/migrate-master/

I moved all vps servers from old master to new master and then created a database backup and imported it in new master server.

I have done this before and it worked on first time like half a year ago. Now we needed to move again and this time it failed.

So this time migration created another localhost server on new master and I cannot edit it. All vps servers are also in that offline localhost server as well as storage config.
I think this is some kind of mysql missmatch or something and this need to be fixed. I dont know is this correct place to ask help for this but I need to get this fixed asap. I also contacted virtualizor support but they are offline because today is sunday.

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[HELP ASAP] Migrated master and created offline localhost clone on new master
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As per the guide, you shouldn't be migrating the vpses to new master server.

The migrate master guide is ONLY for Master-only panels.


If you just had one server and you want to have new server added in Cluster and want it to be the Master then you can simply add the old server as slave to new server.
Or maybe you can simply remove existing slaves from Old Master and add servers to New Master server.

Is there any ticket opened where we can check and try to revert your changes ?

Virtualizor Team.
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