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 Softaculous 5.3.8 Launched in Stable branch (0 Replies, Read 17543 times)
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Softaculous Team has launched 5.3.8 in the Stable branch.

Following is the list of changes :

1) [Task] : Improved FTPS and SFTP library for better performance. Installations with these protocols now complete over 3 times faster than before.

2) [Task] : Softaculous admin panel -> Software -> Script Requirements page previously used to check the requirements with default PHP. However with multiple PHPs on a server Softaculous will now display all the requirements instead of checking it against default PHP and reporting errors.

3) [Bug Fix] : Auto Backups CLI utility used to check for all users if it has to perform a backup even if backups/auto backups were disabled by admin (though it did not perform the backup if it was disabled). This caused unnecessary resource usage. This is fixed now and the script will stop execution if backups/auto backups are disabled by admin.

The next version will have new features and improvements.

The Softaculous Team

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