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 Java Script/Toggle Button (1 Replies, Read 712 times)
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Is there a way to somehow include java script code for the site, or just HTML and CSS.

If Java can't be included, any way I can implement a button that toggles my logo appearing and disappearing using just HTML and CSS? I currently have something but when I hold down the button, nothing happens. I also tried adding in a background:white to the CSS to see if the button was working and it wouldn't change colors. The code works in codepen so I feel this might be a sitepad issue somehow.

https ://codepen.io/anon/pen/bMpxBE
^To see the code. The CSS is imported through the dashboard and the html in a rich text box.
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Java Script/Toggle Button
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You can add HTML , JavaScript using the "Embed" available in the SitePad Editor.

And your provided code is working fine with SitePad. Add HTML code in the text tab of RichText widget and you css through the custom css or custom HTML option.

To know how to add Custom HTML please follow the given link
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