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 Could not make the Query., After the update I can not access the administration panel, apparently it is a problem with the database. (0 Replies, Read 713 times)
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Note that the VPS continues to work normally, I just can't access the administration panel because the following error appears:

Could not make the Query.
SELECT (SELECT COUNT(vps.vpsid) FROM `vps`) AS vpsnum, (SELECT COUNT(ipid) FROM `ips`) AS ipsnum, (SELECT COUNT(stid) FROM `storage`) AS numstorage, (SELECT COUNT(plid) FROM `plans`) AS numplans, (SELECT COUNT(uid) FROM `users`) AS numusers, (SELECT COUNT(id) FROM `pdns`) AS numpdns, (SELECT COUNT(osid) FROM `os`) AS numos, (SELECT COUNT(rid) FROM `recipes`) AS numrecipes, (SELECT COUNT(pid) FROM `passthrough`) AS numpassthrough, (SELECT COUNT(lbid) FROM `load_balancer`) AS load_balancer, (SELECT COUNT(actid) FROM `tasks` WHERE ended = 0 AND updated >= 1693316304 AND started >= 1693316304) AS numtasks
    [0] => 42S02
    [1] => 1146
    [2] => Table 'virtualizor.load_balancer' doesn't exist

I have not been able to find any solution and note that I already run the command ¨/usr/local/emps/bin/php /usr/local/virtualizor/scripts/repair_db.php ¨ and even so the error persists. Any way to fix this?
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