Topic : Buttons for restart/stop/start/poweroff VPS, change order

Posted By: AlbertoGP on June 13, 2022, 4:17 pm
Hi, I’m using Virtualizor through my VPS provider and I have a suggestion for the VPS buttons: I’d put them in order of “strength”/“danger” so to speak, first Restart, then Start/Stop, then Poweroff.

What I mean by “strength” is that, in order for resource configuration (CPU cores, RAM) changes to take effect, a Restart is not enough, one needs to use Start/Stop.
By “danger” I mean that Restart is fire-and-forget: the machine will come back up by itself, while clicking on Start/Stop can leave it off if one forgets to click again, and the same for Poweroff which additionally, being a forceful shutdown, might cause other issues.

Posted By: AlbertoGP on June 13, 2022, 4:32 pm | Post: 1
Please disregard this, it turns out the icons are not part of Virtualizor, it’s just that you get to Virtualizor by clicking there.
Sorry for the noise!

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