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Posted By: needforspeed11 on November 2, 2012, 9:11 am
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Hello Softaculous Forum,

I'm new in here, and I would like to thanks for the Virtualizor's Support
Team. Especially for Mr. Sidhesh for always loyal and spiritful to help
me out from the trouble.

The first problem is the mod loader for KVM is not detected so that all
of the function is not well-working and we could not make any VM too.
But, i asked support from Virtualizor, and start from that Mr. Sidhesh
handle my problem very well.

Even though midnight, he is still loyal to help me and to find the
problem. After long time and the day is almost morning, finally the
problem found and it caused by the kernel is too old.

after he finished the problem, because of his great attitude and very
loyal to help me, I'd like to give him some tips for what he's done to
me and I asked "What is your PayPal address?" but I was too surprised..
guess what ? He didn't want to accept it, even he didnt give his PayPal
Address, He replied "Sorry sir, i can't take that, I only do to help
client. I will give the best I can"

as long as I live, i never find a person like this, who are loyal to help client without asking for something.

But after the problem clear, the loading process is very slow, even we created only 1 VM, it takes a day for it to become 1 VM.

Because of this problem, I also informed Mr. Sidhesh again to help this out, and suddenly he come out and tried to help me.

And he had been looking for what causing this problem long and without
any other reason to go offline or away. After several years the problem

The one that make this too long processing is because the Hardisk. The
hardisk is very bad at writing, so that I'd plan to replace it.

After we replace it, he still helped me a lot from migrating old hardisk
to the new hardisk, and take care of everything needed too.

And now the server is runing great. And also i would like to say that
the support of Virtualizor, Softaculous is GREAT, Extraordinary.
Especially for Mr. Sidhesh who always loyal to help me without asking
for anything.

If any of you would like to ask me more about him please pm me.


Posted By: siddhesh on November 5, 2012, 5:13 am | Post: 1
Hi ,

Sir, Thanks for the appreciation. We will keep on giving better support. Also, We will keep on adding new features.

Posted By: needforspeed11 on November 5, 2012, 8:19 am | Post: 2
welcome sid..

keep on the great job...

virtualizor will be the best panel if all of the supports is like you.

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