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 Any way to prevent staging backups / have them expire? (1 Replies, Read 411 times)
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I'm currently using Softaculous to push between a staging and production Wordpress environment.

As the website is under heavy development, I'm pushing to live two or three times per day at the moment.

Softaculous automatically generates a backup of the production environment as the first step of the backup process.

These files are quite heavy - a couple of gigabytes - and my server has a storage limit.

Is there any way of limiting the number of backups / having them automatically expire - or would this have to be done by scripting?
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Any way to prevent staging backups / have them expire?
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If you have root access to the server you can edit the following setting :
$globals['off_push_to_live_backup'] = '';
$globals['off_push_to_live_backup'] = 1;
in the following file :

If this setting does not exist please add it before $globals['ampps_path']

Once this setting is saved no backups will be created before Pushing the site to live.

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