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WEbuzo not load after install Apache 2.4
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Hi Peopleinside, the verion Webuzo i not update to solved this problem?

I nad a November the error is in September...


Quote From : peopleinside September 27, 2018, 3:52 pm
Apache update has been released. On my server after update System App now Webuzo went all time down. This seems to be a bug to me so need to restart Webuzo service by SSH
service webuzo restart

Happen with PHP update and now also Apache. I informed the Webuzo Team about that.
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WEbuzo not load after install Apache 2.4
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Hi Ardase,

Did you get the same issue that after an application update Webuzo went down? Can you provide us with steps for replicating the issue on our test server?

Let us know.
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