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 Does not accept License Key, Webuzo Does not accept License Key at install (1 Replies, Read 1398 times)
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At the time of installation, after entering
the License Key I get the following message: "You did not enter a valid
license key or the license has expired."

Any resolution to this issue?


IP: --   

Does not accept License Key
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Can you please check what is the actual IP of your server using the below command:
wget http://softaculous.com/ip.php; cat ip.php; echo "";

And verify if your license is allotted to the above IP from the Client Center.

There could be mismatch of IP as per our records and your server's actual IP. Hence at the time of installation the license key is not being accepted.

Hope this resolves your issue. If you still face the issue, please open a support ticket here with your server root details:
IP: --   

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