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 Windows guests network connectivity issue, Windows guests network connectivity issue on one of the KVM hosts (1 Replies, Read 387 times)
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We currently operate two CentOS KVM Virtualizor servers nested inside ESXi 6.0 physical hosts,
A Master server called virt1.ptco.net which is our SSD server at x.x.x.12,
and virt2.ptco.net which is our HDD Slave server at x.x.x.13.
Both of the servers are ESXi Virtual Machines on an adjacent physical host in the same network.
We have turned Promiscuous mode in both ESXi Host vSwitches to Accept mode.
The setup of both KVM Hosts is identical.

In virt1 everything is working great, Linux and Windows VM networks work as expected.

In virt2 Linux machines work fine (but still has network problems described below 10% of the time) but on Windows machines, the network does not work almost at all, It works 10% of the time and just stops working,
We try the following and it might work for a little while after that but it stops again after a while:
- Disable / Enable the guest windows interface.
- "ipconfig /renew" on the guest.
- Reboot the guest.
- Restart network on the CentOS KVM host.

The guest interface on the host (viifv100xx) is present in the Bridge together with the physical interface of the KVM host.

The DHCP is working correctly and the machine always has the right IP configuration, but it cannot see it's network gateway for some reason. It just replies Request Timeout from inside and out.
Firewalld is disabled on the KVM host, also Windows firewall is disabled on the guest.

- We have tried E1000 and Realtek and even VirtIO drivers but all have the same problem.
- We tried switching the IP pool to other IPs and configuration and still have the same problem.
- We turned our KVM Bridge into a permanent one successfully to make things simpler, nothing changed and the issue persists.
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Windows guests network connectivity issue
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Any answer back on this? Or solution.

I have same issue with KVM machine... can reach ping but not reach google.com Just stalls
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