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 Webuzo SSL Install issue, the ca root certificate is not trusted (1 Replies, Read 2347 times)
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I installed the cert  using the GUI following step by step

I purchased an SSL from godaddy steps I have followed: Webzuo Gui
1) Create Key
2) CSR request
3) got the cert files back
4) Installed using webuzo panel

The problem im having on https://logicalpromotions.com is it shows a red cross when you click i see "the ca root certificate is not trusted etc"

This is what the DigitalOcean Hosting says

"Based on the error, it looks like you are still using a self signed certificate on this host. You will want to review the web server configuration for using the signed certificate and restart the webserver once updated"

can you guide or help me install this

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Webuzo SSL Install issue
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Sir we have replied to your ticket and your SSL Certificate is working fine now.
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