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 Webuzo Javascript libraries navigation, bug (1 Replies, Read 8052 times)
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Hello Support,

I recently installed trial Webuzo on VPS and quite happy using it.
One confusing thing i found which is easily reproducing even in your end-user online demo page. Here are the steps:

1. follow http://demo.webuzo.com/enduser/ (or any installed webuzo instance)
2. Click on Scripts: Javascripts link at the top left navigation and you will see menu with unshown images in at least Chrome, IE9, FF4 (i attached screenshot) and strange menu behavior

Board Image

Any help would be appreciated.

Dima S.
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 nctech   Webuzo Javascript libraries navigation, bug (1 Replies, Read 8052 times)
    |--  alons   Hi, Just run...   on May 25, 2011, 1:54 pm

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