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 Need an overview of how this software is intended to work (0 Replies, Read 36737 times)
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I am coming at this from a more technical perspective than many of the frustrated users who report that SitePad is not intuitive. I have used WordPress, Drupal, Liferay and was hand-coding HTML on websites I made in 1995. What I would like to see, and I am sorry if it already exists; I could not find it, is a description of how a user is expected to build up a page from scratch, or more importantly extend and modify a template of a site once they have started to customize it.

The biggest frustration is not being able to figure out what is editable from where. I see ... grab bars for rows, columns, and the object that are placed into the page, but then I see large areas of empty space and I can't figure out what to delete or adjust to make that blank space go away. I need to know what the grid looks like, what the basic structure of the page is and how to identify what I'm working on.

As an example of this, I added a video object on my home page. It filles all the space under the main slideshow I set up.  I think by dragging and dropping the video widget on the page, I caused a new row to be added because as I mouse over this, I can see the upper and lower bounds of the row highlighted. I tried to put a paragraph above it. Eventually I was able to drop it onto another "part" of the page, but I still can't get the text over it. This is trial and error; very frustrating. How do I insert a row? How do I insert a column? Is there a predetermined grid on the page that I cannot see? You you need basic documentation that describes how a person who is working with this tool should approach thinking about it. This has been done for other non-intuitive products like GIMP and Photoshop; you have to explain to the user what it is you are thinking. Otherwise we have no clue what we are supposed to do.
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