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 Problems with SSL, After getting Firefox sexurity warning, my site redirects to a different one (0 Replies, Read 137 times)
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I have changed some local sites that were using .dev as browsers started expecting this to be a live domain on www.
I'm now using .test and .localhost and have updated the domains (through AMPPS, not by writing to the hosts file directly) and updated Wordpress installations accordingly to point to the new domain. Also gone into wp_options and updated the urls in 'siteurl' and 'home'.
From here everything should work (after restarting apache), but even with recreating the domain from scratch with 'add SSL entry' checked, the site prompts a security warning in Firefox Quantum Developer, and when I agree to the security exception, I am redirected a to a different localhost site.

Please help with this issue. I need to have SSL locally to reliably develop sites.
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