Topic : Pagelayer not loading

Posted By: PhilR14 on November 30, 2022, 2:57 am
I have a new wp site, and am trying to get things going.  I did upload my old site pages and photos.  Did that with a mxl file that exported from a SquareSpace site
I checked out a lot of plugins but have deleted most of those. I've got these active ones:  Jetpack, Loginizer, Woocommerce, and UpdraftPlus.
I initially loaded Pagelayer, then the theme PopularFX, then uploaded the plugin PopularFX Web templates.
I deleted all the pages in the page section, then
    I chose the Rockstar web template and it seemed to load up just fine.There are now 5 pages, and all have a place to click on "Edit with Pagelayer"
When I click on that, the page shows up fine BUT NO SIGN OF PAGELAYER.I went and bought the PageLayerPro and downloaded and installed that, then deactivated the regular PageLayer and tried again.  SAME PROBLEM
Pagelayer does not load
Any suggestions would be very welcome!!

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