Topic : Need to download site from server to Ampps to repair it

Posted By: pdrew on June 15, 2019, 12:56 am
Hi! A site I built in Ampps for a friend has been live for a few years. I got a notice from the host that all sites would need to upgrade to php 7.1. I forgot to do that. When I opened the site's Wordpress admin dashboard and tried to upgrade, the site disappeared. I called the host. They because the site was deprecated because the php wasn't update, so I need to download the site, put it back into Ampps, my local server, update the php and any other updates that need to be done, then re-upload the site. I downloaded a back up of the site, which is a tar.gz zipped file. I unzipped the file in a folder on my hard drive. How do I import the relevant files from that back up into Ampps? I already have one Wordpress installation, my own web site, in Ampps, which I've backed up. I don't want to lose that installation in Ampps. How do I safely get the necessary files for my friend's site into a second installation in Ampps? I understand that I can have multiple installations. I'm just not sure how do do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My friend's site is for his retail, storefront business, so it's important the site is back up live as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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