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 Webuzo 2.6.6 Launched (2 Replies, Read 7219 times)
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The Webuzo Team has released Webuzo 2.6.6.
This version introduces some major UI Improvement, features and fixes.

The following is a list of changes :


1) Now you will be able to maximize and minimize as well as re-arrange all the categories in the Enduser Dashboard.

2) We have revamped the Navigation bar to be clean and clutter free.

3) Added a new universal Search Bar for quick navigation between pages.

4) Multi Delete option has been added for Webuzo Backups.


5) Added an alert if your domain doesn't resolve to the Server's IP while creating an FTP account.

6) Disabled TLSv1 protocol and 3DES, RC4 Cipher Suites across all applications.

7) On systemd based systems, services (including Webuzo service) will be configured using systemctl.

8) Webuzo now uses UNIX sockets for Database connection, so now you can safely block port 3306.

Bug Fixes:

9) Fixed an issue where the confirmation pop-up box was not displayed in the center of the screen in Chrome and Safari browsers.

10) Added a fix for CPU Core count bug in the CPU information page.

11) Change DB user password wouldn't work from the Add Database page. This is now fixed.

12) Let's Encrypt certificate used for the Webuzo Panel were not reloaded by the webuzo service when the certificate was renewed. This is now fixed.

App Updates:

13) Apache Spam Assassin has been launched for a spam free Inbox experience.

14) We have launched phpMyAdmin as a separate app for faster updates.

15) You can now purchase SitePad license on the Webuzo license purchase form here : Client Center

Note : When you have purchased the SitePad license, you do not need to install SitePad separately it will be enabled by default.

The upcoming version will bring more exciting features and changes.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

The Webuzo Team

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