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 Lining up Gallery slideshows correctly (2 Replies, Read 1104 times)
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Using the Theatre theme, I have a Gallery of 15 slideshows arranged in 5 rows of 3 columns. I need all the heights of the images, at least within each row, to be
the same: but sitepad leaves for each slideshow the MAXIMUM space needed
for the LARGEST image in that show, so there is a lot of white space
and the heights of the slideshow captions and slideshows in the
subsequent rows don't align. I have tried resizing all the images to be the same height (500 pixels) OR the same width, but they STILL display with varying heights. I can't resize both height and width to be the same, it would spoil the aspect ratio of the images.

How do I prevent the slideshows from displaying a lot of white space when a picture is shorter than the max-length one?
Alternately if that isn't possible, how do I line up the captions of the slideshows under a row that contains slideshows of different heights?

I could perhaps solve this by using an HTML table with rows alternately for the captions and the slideshows. But the only table option my SitePad gives is to build a table from a csv file containing text or numbers. And the Custom HTML option only allows me to add HTML to a header or footer.
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 judyk   Lining up Gallery slideshows correctly (2 Replies, Read 1104 times)
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