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 Login to Virtualizor from WHCMS (1 Replies, Read 12001 times)
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Is there any option to disable enduser to login into Virtualizor from WHMCS Client Area.

I have only 1 user created into Virtualizor and all Virtual Machines are under this 1 user, If Enduser login to Virtualizor from WHMCS he will be able to control all Virtual Machines.

I create custom configuration for each machine and manually put the VPSID in WHMCS so user can control the machines.

Screenshot: https://pasteboard.co/HGhN30t.png
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Login to Virtualizor from WHCMS
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Sir you can disable the Enduser Login link by disabling the setting in the following file :

Set the following setting to 1 and it will disable the enduser login link. Final code shoulf look like following :

$virtualizor_conf['client_ui']['disable_sso'] = 1;

Let us know for further information.

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