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 Change Slave to Master (1 Replies, Read 659 times)
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Hi there,

Is it possible to release a slave server from it's master by going to the slave web panel or from the node CLI? I can't access the master server anymore and I need to modify VPS's on the slave.

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Change Slave to Master
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Sir it is not possible to unslave the slave server from Slave web panel.
But you can unlsave it from command line by modifying the files.
But we do not recommned it as the entries of this slave will be there on Master server and when your Master will come online it will cause issue when you add try to add this Slave server again.

To unslave the slave server from command line please edit the following file :

set the following variable blank :

$globals['slave'] = 0;
$globals['masterkey'] = '';
$globals['masterip'] = '';

Let us know for further information.

Chirag Nagda
Software Developer
Softaculous Ltd
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