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 Restore did not work, Restore did not work (3 Replies, Read 6911 times)
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i'm on Inmotion Hosting moved from VPS1000 to PowerPlan. primary and 3 addon domains got crashed it appears due to W3 Total Cache.
1. sites all uptodate work fine before move to PowerPlan.2. move then 4 sites crash because of W3 and disable them sites appear good.3. i do a softaculous backup on primary domain.4. enable W3 which crashes site.5. softaculous - click Restore and it flashes the progress bar and screen changes in 1/2 second, can't see what happened.
6. the restored primary domain has only front page picture, no menu, no text/data. inmotionhosting techs turn on debug which show dozens of missing tables. IMH says softaculous backup or restore didn't work. (i uploaded to IMH a august softaculous backup which they said they will try to do a manual restore).
in 9 years this is the first time me clicking the softaculous RESTORE button didn't work so i'm concerned what is really happening! does W3 Total Cache puts some of its cache files outside of the WP domain directory so softaculous misses backing them up?

i don't want to post my website names publicly so softaculous can contact me and i will give them to u.
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